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Bastard Noise-Man's Epitaph/CSMD-Noise Bomb the Cosmos - Split LP

11th August 2014

This is a nasty dream of mine come true as both bands mean a lot to me. This is really such a perfect match! Both bands deliver incredible psychedelic sounds. Both with their typical artistical trademarks just perfected and as pure as it can get. I can not emphasize enough how proud I am about this release.

Do not listen sober!

500 copies, 100 of them in white vinyl!


Bastard Noise / Bloodred Bacteria - From Zero To Hero And Blackwards - Collab. 12"

Both bands share one track with a cross-over-fade in the middle to switch from Bloodred Bacteria to Bastard Noise. 1-sided 12" 45rpm with a silk-screening on the b-side.

HC/Grind melts with massive skull electronics.

First time on vinyl - 500 copies. Originally released 2003 as a 3" CD-r on Ecocentric Records. The Ecocentric press was limited to 100 copies and I like the track so much that this was a must-do re-release.

Thanks to everyone involved and especially mAtt from Ecocentric helping to make this happen.

500 copies on black vinyl.

The Mansion Congregation Hymns Vol. 1 - st 7" EP

4th April 2014

Mikael says:

Dear child,

The Mansion Congregation Hymns Vol. 1. should be perceived as a warning. This release goes to show that even the most enlightened may be seduced by evil. When Mother Alma with congregation members differing from the familiar Mansion line-up set out to create spiritual hymns glorifying the devotion to our cause, something unexpected happened. The group experienced demonic seduction, which resulted in despicable behaviour manifested in the recording session. Details shall remain confidential.

Two tracks were recorded to accompany my lyrics with music contradictory in nature to the texts. My initial reaction to the hymns was distress. The thought of our Mother as a puppet on the string for the dark one still brings chills to my spine.

These devilish hymns are lustful and flirtatious. The congregation exposes the hymns to the public in shame, but with a solemn hope that it will serve as documentation of forces moving in the shadows ready to lead us astray.

The listener may experience tempting sensations when exposed to the hymns. Use this recording as a reminder that spiritual adversity may lead to detestable acts. Never take heed to temptation. Know the enemy. Stay strong in your faith.


Main lyricist of Mansion

500 copies on black vinyl.

Mansion - We Shall Live 12" EP

24th January 2014

The sold out, sought for and self- released debut of the Finnish cult rockers Mansion, i.e. the We Shall Live EP, is now resurrected in the form of a second pressing by Streaks Records. The second coming arrives with an insert of the lyrics to the song We Shall Live for chanting lessons to the new cult followers.

"After my copy of their limited private released debut vinyl showed signs of wear from playing it over and over again, I had to ask the band to rerelease their "We shall live" 12" EP to make this outstanding piece of art available to a wider audience. Their historically realistic, somehow creepy yet morally righteous concept of Cult Rock that is based around the austere christian cult Kartanoism that existed in Finland between the twenties and fifties, hit me instantly and impressed me deeply. The music perfectly mirrors this atmosphere, presenting the songs like sermons that hem oneself in but beguile as well with its catchy melodies. The arrangements are elaborate and the voice of the frontwoman, named Alma after the original mother that founded the cult, creates a lot of dramatic tension. A totally focused and cohesive debut that crucially needed a vinyl repress." -Matthias Wittwer / Streaks Records

500 copies on clear vinyl.

Arkhamin Kirjasto - Torches Ablaze LP

7th September 2012

Arkhamin Kirjasto was born in 2010, when Jussi Lehtisalo and Samae Koskinen started making music together. Their aim was to combine different aspects of metal, the music they both loved. Would the guttural power of Autopsy and Nihilist work well with the sheer melodiousness of early Iron Maiden and Angel Witch? Arkhamin Kirjasto's debut album, Torches Ablaze, is the answer to that question.

This versatile record opens with "The Cult of No Return", a startling riff that pays homage to Judas Priest. "Sea of Madness" takes an ethereal trip to the realms of psychedelia while "The Bitch From Hell" pairs pure glam with death-metal vocals. The undead hissing of "Thousand Snakes" and the majestic guitar noise of "Speed, Yog Sothoth" then proceed to turn the metal blueprint inside out.

Lyrically speaking, Arkhamim Kirjasto deals mainly with the green-tinted cosmic horror of Lovecraftian mythology.

Koskinen is a well-known Finnish solo artist who plays guitar in the live lineup of Xysma. When he's not managing his label, Ektro Records, Lehtisalo plays in Circle and Pharaoh Overlord, among others. The pair previously worked together in Aaron Turner's Split Cranium project.

A split label release with Ektro Records.

Comes as a gatefold with poster for the first 100 copies of 500 total.

Transatlantic Rat's Atom / BirdEye - Split LP

8th December 2012

Transatlantic Rat's Atoms music feels somehow weird. Twisted and heavy groovy PsychDoom from two thirds of Ufo Gestapo (RIP). Occasional sax, clarinet, harp and keyboards give their side of the split a slight jazzy dissonant feeling. It rises from the heavy rocking ground to some spacy, but dirty and drony feel, and then again rocks and waves one heavy like being in a space capsule, where history and phrases flow by and mean something nothing. Second songs name "Rise Reverse in the Middle of Nowhere" speaks this well. Warm and distantly cold the same time.

BirdEye have gently and humbly taken the b-side. But this is none other than Edgy Burning Witch's new band. Evil and psychedelic in its own inimitable way. The music is organic but noisy. Is this Doom with Ambient parts? Whatever. The heavy songs splay soundscapes of trippy mental states (song title "Hivemind" points in that direction), that appear pathological and disturbing but are cleansing. An archaic and mediatative approach to that style of music that hovers above things, because the band knows its game well.

On top of all that is a really beautiful and fitting artwork from Jason Wagoner on brown natural cardboard.

500 made, 100 vinyls on limited blue vinyl.

Schizophasia - 3000 LP

19th October 2011

2nd LP of this canadian horde.

An absurd mix of PHSYCeDELIC japanese NoisePunk, Industrial, GBH, Mad Max und Super Mario Brothers.

Side one contains Confuse / Disorder-style Noisecore, Side B dark, classic Industrial Noise like early SPK or mid-70's THROBBING GRISTLE.

400 copies made, 100 of them blue vinyl.

American cyborg steel warrior!







Ufo Gestapo - st LP

30th January 2010


Seems like Marseille is the real Neuschwabenland. Out now is the s/t vinyl rerelease of the first Ufo Gestapo CD that came back in the days on Calculon Records.

This first part of the trilogy has more of the cosmic Korg-synths but still extra desperate vocals and violent as a horde of angry aliens devastating your flat. Again the music dwells between Doom and Hardcore, gloomy slow parts alternate with short outbursts of fast HC-Parts.

This was of course worth a vinyl edition and comes with a great silkscreened real LP 350g cardboard jacket, completely new artwork. There is a limited version of 125 copies in acidic nicotine ellow vinyl and an inlay matching the vinyl. The rest of this 359 copies press comes in black vinyl and b/w inlay.

Ufo Gestapo - Grandemissair LP

5th March 2011

Ufo Gestapos third opus 'Grandemissair' is out and it is again their own outer space and hypnotic brew of Sludge and hardcorish outbursts, just driven to a higher level.

A numb and unbearable dwelling within the milkstreet, but then again there is such vehemence, an intoxication of moods is inevitable. As well the vocals have improved to a greater style: here comes some cleaner tone of despair. The screw of weirdness has been driven even deeper, beware the keyboards! Leave this trip cleansed but feeling uncomfortable.

Comes in a glossy, neon yellow sleeve plus inlay. Total amount of 538 LPs of which 165 are on clear vinyl.

No Balls - second LP

10th September 2010


This is the second LP of No Balls from Sweden.

Sexually driven, mean and nasty ProtoPunk with NoWave hints. A vast play with associations, let the songtitles sink and fill the voids yourself for this raw in-your-face assault.

Again a very good vinyl mastering that displays the details clearly and carves out the edges very precisely. Edition of 650 copies in cooperation with Who can you trust? Records.




Wreck of the Hesperus - Light Rotting Out LP

The woeful second album, for so long dreaded by many, from the Irish grime-bandits Wreck of the Hesperus. Crawling out from their grim festering underground caverns after five years - this new monstrosity shows they have, unsurprisingly, learnt nothing since the pitiful noise of "The Sunken Threshold" in 2006. "Light Rotting Out" is a regressive degenerate musical abomination of fetid, retarded doom. Dirty dissonance from demented dissidents. Guest vocals from Albert Witchfinder.

Mastered for vinyl by James Plotkin.

Comes as gatefold with full printed inner sleeve. 150 pieces of the 500 LPs are in white vinyl.

One copy at 12 Euro.

Caskets Open - But You Rule! LP

9th April 2010


But You Rule! Doom Album of the year? Discussable, ok. At least it is the freshest injection to the genre for a long time. Still this has roots goddamn!

Helsinkis Caskets Open develop further the amazing demo and distill their own distinctive blend of cold, extremely violent but still subtle warm sound on this debut LP.

Razorsharp edges in sound and morbid, social aware lyrics. A clichéless mix of drunken, anti-clerical and sleazy DoomPunk, imagine Joy Division fucking roughly with St.Vitus in a dark night on a graveyard.

A superb monilithic gatefold on 350g cardboard rounds this up. The vinyl mastering at the the Exchange Studios UK secured the transformation of the necrophiliac sound to vinyl.

Each copy has a poster of a FEMALE SPAWN OF THE DEVIL WEARING KINKY LEATHER STUFF! 658 copies in all, handnumbered 205 copies of them on limited colored vinyl!

Noothgrush - Erode the Person LP


Finally the vinyl version of this classic record of one of the most influential Sludge/Doom bands is out! Songs about misery and oppression that find their exact reflection in the desperate music. True heartfelt grief that is ageless in words and sound.

Comes with original artwork, poster, 12" inlay and linernotes. 400 copies black, 100 copies white vinyl.

A cooperation with Blinddate records. US version soon at Parasitic records.

One copy at 11 Euro.

UFO Gestapo - Vatependr LP

22nd December 2008


This is sick Sludge by Nasa scientists on amphetamines and narcotics simultaneously. You will feel the violence and drug abuse in each groove of that rolling manic sludge attack from outer space!

the delirious UFO GESTAPO from Marseille! Insanity has a name!

each copy is available for 10 EUR, contact This is a pressing of 327 copies, 110 of them handnumbered on pink vinyl.

Like always high quality 350g cardboard, thick inlay and a sticker matching the limited vinyl color. As well a really violent mastering at the Exchange Studios UK, hear it LOUD, goddamn!

Wreck of the Hesperus - Sunken Treshold LP

23rd November 2008


Thick 350g cardboard gatefold, 4 colored inlay.

Autopsy-esk, filthy and gloomy Doom/Sludge with a weaving drum work. Mental Funeral Doom from Dublin.

übergreat gatefold LP with art by Glyn Smyth.

limited to 548 copies, 150 handnumbered clear vinyl.

Blood ist Liebe !!!

The Austrasian Goat - Pieces to Oblivion LP

30th March 2008


Silkscreened sleeve and leaflet.

Hailing from France, this is a disturbing but beautiful mix of Ambient, Black Metal and Doom.

In cooperation with Blinddate Records and Tetedemort.

This is a pressing of 363, a 116 copies white vinyl and handnumbered.

The Whorehouse Massacre - IV LP

27th June 2008


Thick 350g cardboard, professional mastering at "The Exchange" UK, 8 paged booklet.

IV: The Death Tree is as you may guess the fourth album of Willy P.s (Canada) solo project.

This has it all: Sludge, Industrial, Noise, but occasional haunting, almost melodic moments. Inspired by the murders of Robert William Pickton this is a sick nightmarish Lucio Fulci soundtrack. Rotten hopelessness and perdition dominate the album, adding blends of violent, grinding outbursts. lo-fi black metal aesthetic, but still produced healthy.

The superb artwork for the coversleeve and the 8-paged booklet is from Scott Stearns and transports perfectly the misanthropic brutality. Dip into the sick world of Willy P.

416 copies pressed, 100 handnumbered on mint green wax.

Stunning artwork from Scott Stearns.

b/w in good Streaks tradition.

Frogskin / Taunt Split 7"

28th January 2008


This is a nasty, alcohol imbued and drug-abusing cluster bomb! Each band one song. While both playing the same style of dirty, grooving sludge, they still emphasize their own approach and blend.

Taunt with a monumental, 1 riff based but very varied song that crumbles every piece of dope. Foaming with rage, Frogskin on the other hand blow out a rumbling blast of a song, spitting acid in nearly 8 minutes.

While Taunt are self-destructive and desperate, Frogskin concentrate on suffering, pain and anger.

Both smashing in the mud as hell, so fasten your seatbelts!

This is a pressing of 525, a 100 copies colored and handnumbered.

Hordes of Satan - st

14th April 2007

The Debut LP from Nottingham`s Industrial Doomsters

Sludgy, hypnotising and deep Industrial Doom from Nottingham with members who have been involved with such bands as Pitchshifter or Taken by Wolves. 4 songs of grief and dispair in 50 minutes, creating a very unique gloomy atmosphere with their amazing chord changes.

This comes with fold out inlay and sticker on inner sleeves.

Think of early hypnotic Peaceville or Earache Industrial back in the days mixed with doomy Sludge and deep growls.

limited to 342 copies, 126 copies of them handnumbered on white wax.

13th January 2007

The full length LP under the crosses of LOINEN is the first release for
Streaks Records and is SOLD OUT!

These five parasites from Karis present 6 songs of slow and crunching Sludgecore in 52 minutes.
The music reflects both, the lugubrious swamps and the forested majestic broad lakes of Finland. Monotonous but spectacular.

They add to their unique blend of Slugde influences of pitchblack Doom and a lacing of Hardcore. Comes in gatefold, leaflet and really mindblowing artwork. To get an impression, klick on the front cover on the right for a bigger picture of the cover.
This is a cooperation with Marcel from Blinddate Records.

112 in red vinyl
412 in black vinyl

Thanks to Marcel and Loinen, especially to Greger for the
superb work on the art for the gatefold.