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Mansion - Altar Sermon 12" (Svart) 13,50 €
Yacoepsae - Tanz , Grosny, Tanz LP (Vulgar / Useless) 11 €
Cicutoxin / Pigeon Hunt - Split LP (Rämekuukkeli) 11 €
Carnage - Live Stockholm 1989 7" (American Line Productions) 6 €
GORGONOISID - s/t LP+7" (MetaMatter) 15 €
JØTNARR - Burn and Bury LP (SuperFi) 11 €
DOOMRAISER - Lords of mercy 2LP (Bloodrock) 20 €
DOOMRAISER - Reverse LP (Bloodrock) 13 €
DOOMRAISER/CARONTE - Split LP (Bloodrock) 13 €
BURNING SAVIOURS - Nymphs & weavers (Bloodrock) 15 €
CHAINS - Violet wizard mLP (Bloodrock) 10 €
HOUNDS OF HASSELVANDER - The ninth hour LP (Bloodrock) 15 €

Coming soon:

V.A. - 15 Years Vulgar Records Comp. 7" + Zine (Vulgar)
Ódio Social - Jovens Mortos... LP (Abekeit)

In Stock:


Bastard Noise - Man's Epitaph / CSMD - Noise Bomb the Cosmos - Split LP (Streaksrecords) 11 € »

This is a nasty dream of mine come true as both bands mean a lot to me. This is really such a perfect match! Both bands deliver incredible psychedelic sounds. Both with their typical artistical trademarks just perfected and as pure as it can get. I can not emphasize enough how proud I am about this release.

Do not listen sober!

500 copies, 100 of them in white vinyl!

One copy of the LP is at 11 Euro.

Bastard Noise / Bloodred Bacteria - From Zero To Hero And Blackwards - Collab. 12" (Streaksrecords) 11 € »

Both bands share one track with a cross-over-fade in the middle to switch from Bloodred Bacteria to Bastard Noise. 1-sided 12" 45rpm with a silk-screening on the b-side.

HC/Grind melts with massive skull electronics.

First time on vinyl - 500 copies. Originally released 2003 as a 3" CD-r on Ecocentric Records. The Ecocentric press was limited to 100 copies and I like the track so much that this was a must-do re-release.

Thanks to everyone involved and especially mAtt from Ecocentric helping to make this happen.

One copy of the 12" is at 11 Euro.

The Mansion Congregation Hymns Vol. 1 - st 7" EP (Streaksrecords) 6 € »

Mikael says:

Dear child,

The Mansion Congregation Hymns Vol. 1. should be perceived as a warning. This release goes to show that even the most enlightened may be seduced by evil. When Mother Alma with congregation members differing from the familiar Mansion line-up set out to create spiritual hymns glorifying the devotion to our cause, something unexpected happened. The group experienced demonic seduction, which resulted in despicable behaviour manifested in the recording session. Details shall remain confidential.

Two tracks were recorded to accompany my lyrics with music contradictory in nature to the texts. My initial reaction to the hymns was distress. The thought of our Mother as a puppet on the string for the dark one still brings chills to my spine.

These devilish hymns are lustful and flirtatious. The congregation exposes the hymns to the public in shame, but with a solemn hope that it will serve as documentation of forces moving in the shadows ready to lead us astray.

The listener may experience tempting sensations when exposed to the hymns. Use this recording as a reminder that spiritual adversity may lead to detestable acts. Never take heed to temptation. Know the enemy. Stay strong in your faith.


Mikael Main lyricist of Mansion

500 copies on black vinyl.


Mansion - We Shall Live 12" EP (Streaksrecords) 12 € »

The sold out, sought for and self- released debut of the Finnish cult rockers Mansion, i.e. the We Shall Live EP, is now resurrected in the form of a second pressing by Streaks Records. The second coming arrives with an insert of the lyrics to the song We Shall Live for chanting lessons to the new cult followers.

"After my copy of their limited private released debut vinyl showed signs of wear from playing it over and over again, I had to ask the band to rerelease their "We shall live" 12" EP to make this outstanding piece of art available to a wider audience. Their historically realistic, somehow creepy yet morally righteous concept of Cult Rock that is based around the austere christian cult Kartanoism that existed in Finland between the twenties and fifties, hit me instantly and impressed me deeply. The music perfectly mirrors this atmosphere, presenting the songs like sermons that hem oneself in but beguile as well with its catchy melodies. The arrangements are elaborate and the voice of the frontwoman, named Alma after the original mother that founded the cult, creates a lot of dramatic tension. A totally focused and cohesive debut that crucially needed a vinyl repress." -Matthias Wittwer / Streaks Records

500 copies on clear vinyl.


Transatlantic Rat's Atom / BirdEye - Split LP (Streaksrecords) 11 € »

Transatlantic Rat's Atoms music feels somehow weird. Twisted and heavy groovy PsychDoom from two thirds of Ufo Gestapo (RIP). Occasional sax, clarinet, harp and keyboards give their side of the split a slight jazzy dissonant feeling. It rises from the heavy rocking ground to some spacy, but dirty and drony feel, and then again rocks and waves one heavy like being in a space capsule, where history and phrases flow by and mean something nothing. Second songs name "Rise Reverse in the Middle of Nowhere" speaks this well. Warm and distantly cold the same time.

BirdEye have gently and humbly taken the b-side. But this is none other than Edgy Burning Witch's new band. Evil and psychedelic in its own inimitable way. The music is organic but noisy. Is this Doom with Ambient parts? Whatever. The heavy songs splay soundscapes of trippy mental states (song title "Hivemind" points in that direction), that appear pathological and disturbing but are cleansing. An archaic and mediatative approach to that style of music that hovers above things, because the band knows its game well.

On top of all that is a really beautiful and fitting artwork from Jason Wagoner on brown natural cardboard.

500 made, 100 vinyls on limited blue vinyl.



Arkhamin Kirjasto - Torches Ablaze LP (Streaksrecords / Ektro) 13 € »

Arkhamin Kirjasto was born in 2010, when Jussi Lehtisalo and Samae Koskinen started making music together. Their aim was to combine different aspects of metal, the music they both loved. Would the guttural power of Autopsy and Nihilist work well with the sheer melodiousness of early Iron Maiden and Angel Witch? Arkhamin Kirjasto's debut album, Torches Ablaze, is the answer to that question.

This versatile record opens with "The Cult of No Return", a startling riff that pays homage to Judas Priest. "Sea of Madness" takes an ethereal trip to the realms of psychedelia while "The Bitch From Hell" pairs pure glam with death-metal vocals. The undead hissing of "Thousand Snakes" and the majestic guitar noise of "Speed, Yog Sothoth" then proceed to turn the metal blueprint inside out.

Lyrically speaking, Arkhamim Kirjasto deals mainly with the green-tinted cosmic horror of Lovecraftian mythology.

Koskinen is a well-known Finnish solo artist who plays guitar in the live lineup of Xysma. When he's not managing his label, Ektro Records, Lehtisalo plays in Circle and Pharaoh Overlord, among others. The pair previously worked together in Aaron Turner's Split Cranium project.

First review says:
... It's basically a mix of harsh vocals reminding me of the Old School death metal scene like Autopsy or even some Asphyx mixed with a traditonal metal approach à la Judas Priest. All this without forgetting the huge dose of experimental influences. ...

One copy at 13 Euro.

A split label release with Ektro Records. Comes as a gatefold with poster for the first 100 copies.

Cult of no Return
Sea of Madness

Sleeping Beauty
Speed, Yog Sothoth

Schizophasia - 3000 LP (Streaksrecords) 10 € »

2nd LP of this canadian horde.

An absurd mix of PHSYCeDELIC japanese NoisePunk, Industrial, GBH, Mad Max und Super Mario Brothers.

Side one contains Confuse / Disorder-style Noisecore, Side B dark, classic Industrial Noise like early SPK or mid-70's THROBBING GRISTLE.

400 copies made, 100 of them blue vinyl.

American cyborg steel warrior!

One copy at 10 Euro.

Check the song 'Starship' from side A:

Check the song 'Doomsday' from side B:

Wreck of the Hesperus - Light Rotting Out LP (Streaksrecords) 12 € »

The woeful second album, for so long dreaded by many, from the Irish grime-bandits Wreck of the Hesperus. Crawling out from their grim festering underground caverns after five years - this new monstrosity shows they have, unsurprisingly, learnt nothing since the pitiful noise of "The Sunken Threshold" in 2006. "Light Rotting Out" is a regressive degenerate musical abomination of fetid, retarded doom. Dirty dissonance from demented dissidents. Guest vocals from Albert Witchfinder.

Comes as gatefold with full printed inner sleeve. 150 pieces of the 500 LPs are in white vinyl.

Mastered for vinyl by James Plotkin.

Track 'Kill Monument' on youtube:
Kill Monument

Ufo Gestapo - Grandemissair LP (Streaksrecords) 11 € »

Ufo Gestapos third opus 'Grandemissair' is out and it is again their own outer space and hypnotic brew of Sludge and harcdorish outbursts, just driven to a higher level.

A numb and unbearable dwelling within the milkstreet, but then again there is such vehemence, an intoxication of moods is inevitable. As well the vocals have improved to a greater style: here comes some cleaner tone of despair. The screw of weirdness has been driven even deeper, beware the keyboards! Leave this trip cleansed but feeling uncomfortable.

Comes in a glossy, neon yellow sleeve plus inlay. Total amount of 538 LPs of which 165 are on clear vinyl.

Last copy!

From Above

Abrakadabra / Magnapinna - Split LP (Wolves And Vibrancy) 10 € »

Wolves And Vibrancy:
Split between the noise / math rock magicians Abrakadabra ( members of tephra ) Magnapinna from Leeds - 30 minutes of dissonant and überintense music!

Aortaorta - Violent Meditation LP (Rämekuukkeli) 10 € »

Kaos Kontrol:
"Violent Meditation" marks the second full length album for the Tampere -based Aortaorta. Eight tracks which showcase the band's unique touch of punky noise rock or "red wine punk with a touch of kraut grunge", as they would describe themselves. Black vinyl in a huge black/white fold-out sleeve. Limited edition of 300 copies.

Bad Luck Rides on Wheels - serpentine LP (WIFAGENA) 11 € »

This album is released just as 180g Vinyl LP in 350g carton cover with printed innerbag and free sticker.

Serpentine was engineered, recorded and mixed during jan MMXIII at rostock by pierre bernhardt. Audio mastered by james plotkin at plotkinworks.

Bad Luck Rides On Wheels / Aguirre - Split LP (Wifagena) 12 € »

French-German Cooperation

this album is released as 180g vinyl, gatefould cover include CD with the songs + bonus tracks, download code and is limited to 555 copies.

BEG - st LP (SuperFi) 11 € »

Beg is a trio making intense grind metal of the very best kind. It's hard not to mention the "supergroup" thing What with Smith from The Afternoon Gentlemen on drums and Grief from Art Of Burning Water playing guitar, but I'm going to.

Those two bands are great reference points as it's twisted and complicated whilst still being furiously fast and heavy, bringing to mind both the old and new skools of grind. Beg show it's possible to make angry music without being bone-headed, and make complex music without losing the humanity.

This is limited to 250 or so on the blackest of black vinyl with screened sleeves.

Boar - Veneficae LP (Rämekuukkeli) 14 € »

Psychedelia-Stoner from Finland.

Boar was founded in 2009 in Oulu, Finland. After several splits and EP tapes, the band shared stages throughout Scandinavia with dozens of bands such as Conan, Weedeater & Dark Buddha Rising to name just a few. In 2014, the band entered their "Stoner Katakombs of Doom" to compose, record and mix their first full-length album, "Veneficae", to be released in May 2015 via Lost Pilgrims Records, Mikrofoni and Rämekuukkeli. Boar bends genres and structures to present its hazy, psychedelic vision over the course of six tracks stretching from Doom and Stoner rock to Classic rock and even Harsh noise

BURNING SAVIOURS - Nymphs & weavers (Bloodrock) 15 € »

Burning Saviours came together in 2003 when Mikael Marjanen (guitar) and Martin Wijkstrom (drums) discussed starting a heavy rock/doom metal band. They named the band after a PENTAGRAM song from the album Day of Reckoning. Their self-titled debut was released in May 2005. Hundus, their second album, was released in June 2006 on I Hate Records. A single was released on Rise Above Records in December 2006. In late 2006, vocalist/guitarist Andrei Amartinesei parted ways with the band and was replaced by Fredrik Andersson on vocals and Henry Pyykko on guitar. BURNING SAVIOURS pay hommage to childhood favorites like BLACK SABBATH, DEEP PURPLE, URIAH HEEP and JETHRO TULL but brings it up to date with 2007 sound and style. File next to CATHEDRAL or PENTAGRAM.

CHAINS - Violet wizard mLP (Bloodrock) 10 € »

hypno-drone doom, also inspired by Paul Chain.

Cicutoxin / Pigeon Hunt - Split LP (Rämekuukkeli) 11 € »

Limited to 250 copies. Cicutoxin side 33 rpm, Pigeon Hunt 45 rpm. Cover art by Sampsa Sarparanta.

DOOMRAISER - Lords of mercy 2LP (Bloodrock) 20 € »

DOOMRAISER were born having the intention to pay tribute to the music and to the great family of Doom, without imposing to themselves to do it in an original way or to invent anything new, but just to pass, in the best way possible, the feeling the genre has. The band was formed out of different musical experiences in 2003 and released an excellent demo in 2004 titled "Heavy Druken Doom". The response at it was so good that the band was invited to take part on the 2006 DOOM SHALL RISE IV, as well as playing both editions of the Roman STONED HAND OF DOOM (2005/6).

DOOMRAISER - Reverse LP (Bloodrock) 13 € »

(..) Anyone who thought epic doom was a matter of history should pay heed to these Italian maestros, who have one foot firmly planted in the glorious past and the other raised to kick you in the face. Enjoy the suffering.

DOOMRAISER/CARONTE - Split LP (Bloodrock) 13 € »

A split album between Italian doomsters DOOMRAISER and fellow countrymen CARONTE. Doomraiser presents 'Dream Killers' and Caronte contributes the tracks 'Back From The Grave' and 'Journey Into The Moonlight'.

Golden Gorilla / Ghost Of Wem - Split LP (Meta Matter) 11 € »

Split LP from long-time running Sludge-monsters GOLDEN GORILLA (active since 2001, with a short hiatus in the last few years) and the Sludge/Doom/Black-Metal band GHOST OF WEM. This is the standard edition: 140g black vinyl. Comes in a heavy cardboard sleeve (350g/m²) + lyric sheet + download-code.

GORGONOISID - s/t LP+7" (MetaMatter) 15 € »

GOLDEN GORILLA, CAPTAINPOPAPTAIN, BLACK SHAPE OF NEXUS, GUNMOB, etc. This should already tell you a lot about these guys.

We're very happy to release this record, since it's some really unique stuff going on here. I'm always thinking of a mix of early sludge bands like BUZZOV-EN, 16 or NOOTHGRUSH mixed with Noiserock like THE JESUS LIZARD or SCRATCH ACID. But then again, this also has some really slow stuff on it. I can already tell you: an insane record... like a cry of despair through a hold shut mouth.

Comes with Download Code.

GUM - But Woman Monkey LP (Boue) 11 € »

Second album of GUM from Italy. Gum play an amazing old school sludge between Iron Monkey and Moho, mixing with some awesome samples of horror movies. Them music are insane, crunchy, crusty playing with some great groovy riffs.

"This record speaks about the problems and the horrors that plague our millennium. Starting with the environmental issues that have arised building nuclear plants, useless and dangerous for the present but in particular for the future, like Fukushima and Chernobyl. Also speaks about a religion which is good for nothing and all it is concerned with is adding gold rings to his fingers. To the end, speaks to the end of human dignity, a life of alcohol and drug abuse, loneliness and depression, where all of us sooner or later in one way or the other plunge in. This is caused by our society that wants to make us deaf and blind reaching the complete destruction of human relationships."

Hexis - st LP (Narshardaa) 9 € »

Finally HEXIS recorded this 4-songs back in 2010. They only got released on CD and Tape so far. Now we are happy to release them on vinyl ! HEXIS are from Copenhagen (Denmark) and are playing grinding Black-Metal/Post-Hardcore for fans of CELESTE, SHORA, AMENRA etc... This release comes on a one-sided 12inch with a nice etching on the b-side.

HOUNDS OF HASSELVANDER - The ninth hour LP (Bloodrock) 15 € »

Ex- PENTAGRAM/ DEATH ROW drum ace, songwriter and legend Joe Hasselvander returns with a brandnew studio album. Imagine a cocktail of PENTAGRAM, OZZY, even some KISS and traditional Doom/ Stoner Rock. All this with a superb and heavy studio production that may blow some of your speakers. THE HOUNDS... is the perfect link between the 70s and today's Doom Rock!

JØTNARR - Burn and Bury LP (SuperFi) 11 € »

Jotnarr (or more accurately JØTNARR, named after a type of monster from the film “The Troll Hunter”) are a trio hailing from the fairly un-grim wastes of Colchester in the east of England. Chris, Simon and Ollie have all been plugging away in various bands such as Meadows, Mother Sky and Three Thrones (which are all still going concerns) before getting together in 2013 to jam what could be considered to be black metal, with its scathing, evil atmosphere, fused to a belligerently hardcore punk backbone, topped off with elements of screamo. Heavy, devastating and yet melodic. Lyrics are concerned with human relationships with the natural world, environmental degradation, loss, grief and wolves. Their interests include King Diamond, Black Sabbath, and playing shows. For fans of early Ulver, His Hero Is Gone and Wolves In The Throne Room.

Knuste Ruter - Bruddstyker LP (Ruination and + div) 10 € »

From Label:
This must be the wet dream of anybody who raves about classic norwegian Punk Rock with all of it's crucial and essential elements. This album has it all! A full on slap in the face with all the vital ingredience, guitar hooks and solos, backing choirs...!

Three years after their first full lengh (Gjennom Veggene) KNUSTE RUTER delivers 12 new songs, once again paying homage to the spirits of STENGTE DØRER and SO MUCH HATE, lifting, mixing and twisting the styles to create their very own high-proof special brew in music! Featuring members of HEVN, 2:20, BØYEN BENG and Hasse Jørgensen (of STENGTE DØRER) joined the band on vocal duties and rising the "old school" impact even more! Lyrics deal with alot of indeep personal politics almost all sung in norwegian with translations included on the lyric sheet.

La Casa Fantom - Feed my silence LP (SM) 10 € »

New lp from 2012! Nobody feeds the silence. Although, the boys are more quiet. Less chaos but more power. With this

record you have a nice time until the next LCF - concert. Drum'n'Bass since 2000!

Lähdön Aika - II LP (Rämekuukkeli) 11 € »

New album of this cool band from Finland. Love the mix of Sludge and metallic Hardcore!

Maximum Rocknroll #389:
These guys kind of sound like the slow, forebording parts of ´90s crust songs, but they never get to the D-beat. Sounds like it would be boring, but they make it work. Finland´s Lähdön Aika delivers some seriously dirgy shit. They´ve got a Neurosis feel, but not so tripped out. The songs are repetitive and droning, but very well crafted, so it keeps your attention. If you´re down to zone out into oblivion, give this one a spin, even if doom metal isn´t really your thing. (BA)

Lake of Blood - As Time and Tide Erode Stone LP (Flenser) 14 € »

Heavily atmospheric, viciously intense, and dedicated to the bone, this feral entity’s aggressive, dissonant take on black metal weaves together the genre’s puritanical roots with elements of doom, thrash, folk and startling moments of clarity. The two tracks contained within As Time and Tide Erodes Stone are epic in far more than length; these songs are sagas, odes to a dying world and an uncertain future.

Looking For An Answer - Buscando Una Respuesta LP (Hombre Lobo) 10 € »
Looking for utterly blistering, feral Grindcore with crisp sound production? Well look no further... Unrestrained speed, devastating aggression, this Lp never lets go... Overwhelming and exhilarating raging violence from start to finish... Some damn catchy tunes, a masterful use of breakdowns and all-out moshings... This stuff just feels so incredibly liberating... the way only fine grindcore can... A very clear but fierce sound production helps alot but song-writing is also really genius here; Certainly this is calculated grindcore chemistry, but not to worry... Not overly technical or anything, it's just well-organized, gutsy, in your face savagery! Vocal-wise, dual low guttural roaring/pissed off shrieking aggression is law... Add to this implacable riffage, a monstrous bass sound and crushing drum-blasts and you get Looking for an Answer! There appears to be a new wave of spanish grindcore bands on the rise, some really swell bands... It's the very first time I'm actually listening to Looking for an Answer, but they've been around since 1999... Previous incarnations of the band were known to use a drum-machine, but believe me this Lp contains nothing but real live drumming and this stuff absolutely destroys... Tight, fast as fuck, leaping and bouncing... This stuff will make you wanna completely thrash the place! Really... Each song on this lp amounts to more and more brutal intensity... Of course, it also ends on a very anti-climatic chill-out reggae-type jamming session entitled "Crustafari"! haha... But these guys are in total control here... The artwork and layout is simple and gorgeous. Lyrics are in spanish but also translated into english for people who didn't take spanish in school or just skipped it alot (like me): politically-charged stuff, straight and to the point! Oh and Looking for an Answer contains members like Inaki from Denak (R.I.P.) on the sing and Ramon who also plays in Unsane Crisis... My final words: Simply one of the best bands there is in the field of Grindcore nowadays... The only defect I could detect on this release is that its whopping 15 tracks are over too fast!

Mansion - Altar Sermon 12" (Svart) 13,50 € »

You need this!

MISSILES OF OCTOBER - Don’t Panic LP (At war with false noise) 8 € »

Punk-, Noise-, WeirdoRock from Bruxelles

Blasting out of Brussels, this bunch caught my attention as their new album is named for a Douglas Adams quote: Don’t Panic. Whether this is a coincidence or not, I don’t know, but either way it got me to their bandcamp page for a listen.
I was flicking through some previous reviews and somewhere they’ve been labelled hardcore punk. I’m not sure that’s what I’d go with. I’d definitely put them more into the metal bracket than punk, and sound-wise the first thing that I thought of while listening to the album’s title track was… Nuclear Assault. But slowed down.
Will someone please corroborate that so I don’t confirm that I’m off my rocker? I think it’s the vocals more than anything else – they’re not dissimilar to John Connelly’s in places. Musically, things are heavy rather than thrash-tastic, so I can see how “hardcore” would come into it.

Möse / Warkorpse - Split LP (Addiction To War) 8 € »

back in!

2 bands, each 1 song on 1 side. Warkorpse plays sludgy doom, Belgian Möse pure sludge. Co-production with La Fée Verte and La Source Records, 500 on colored vinyl.

Möse should be known from their debut 7". Great Split!

NOOTHGRUSH - 1994 unreleased LP (Fuck Yoga) 12 € »

Restock, 2nd pressing

Has a great Pink Floyd feeling to it, highly recommended!

Oaken / Marnost - Split LP (Dingleberry + div.) 10 € »

Press note:
Oaken are from Hungary and are personally interconnected with Rivers Run Dry. They play a furious dark hadcore heavily inspired by His Hero Is Gone and Amenra. On this split they have two songs in total length over 17 minutes. Marnost are a czech diy blackmetal/experimental project with members of Gattaca, Remek, Lakmé or Dakhma. Here they offer a 17 minutes song that was initially composed for an experimental dance movie Hamletophelia.

Parasight - Munden Fuld Af Løgn, Lommen Fuld Af Profit LP (Fucking Kill) 10 € »

Crusty Hardcore from Copenhagen with a really pleasant emo-esk edge (in a positive way!).

Denmark’s crust/d-beat outfit Parasight are ready with their debut LP called “Munden Fuld Af Løgn, Lommen Fuld Af Profit” LP, it is out now on Modstand Records in Denmark and Phobia Records from Czech Republic. Parasight's sound is aggresive and discordant yet melodic crust/d-beat infused hardcore, and certainly Im digging it a lot, its diverse and engaging

Shadow of the Torturer - marchin into chaos LP (Blinddate) 11,50 € »

Recommended! Pitchblack and Doomy, no neo-Sludge bullshit here.


ultra doom. 5 songs of very slow, epic and thick music with freightening dual vocals. this album absolutely thrills and pushes you on the next rack to crush your mangy head. project with members of Aldebaran, Yob, H.C. Minds etc..
R.I.P. !

total mayhem of 33 minutes

Snowblood - Third DLP (Superfi) 15 € »


the third album from the godspeed meets neurosis scottish legends

The Guilt Of.... - debut LP (At war with false noise) 11 € »

At war with false noise:
Debut full-length from Mike Williams (Eyehategod, Arson Anthem) and Ryan McKern (Wolvhammer). This is very different to Mike's usual output and provides him with the perfect outlet for his singular, dark world view. Early industrial, punk, electro and noise are all references here and are tied together by Williams' distinctive vocal style. This is some very dark stuff and definitely has the feel of Eyehategod even though it's got a totally different sound. Reference points: (early) Skinny Puppy, Throbbing Gristle, Suicide, Head Of David. Equal parts primitive industrial, noise and punk; most certainly their most fully-realised recording to date by some way.

The Lowest - Divived 12" (Aorte Zine + div.) 10 € »

Aorte Zine:
The Lowest, one of the most important new Polish hardcore bands, are back. Massive sound, dark lyrics, gloomy atmosphere. The new record "Divided", brings you 4 brand new tracks on a 12" vinyl. Unique mixture of hardcore / punk, metal and sludge. All vinyls come with amazing graver on the B side, done by Dawid Rudzi?ski. Black vinyl will have additional cover by Rafa? Wechter. Limited to 510 copies.

Union of Uranus - Desaster By Design LP (Farewell + div) 12 € »

Re-release of this super influential and long sold out 12".

V.A. - Grombiera & Paprika 4-way Split LP (Fucking Kill) 10,50 € »

Per Koro:
This is the 1st release from Fucking Kill Records since ages. "grombiera (swabian for potato) & paprika" is a fucking great 4-way split LP with NULLA OSTA from Croatia - they deserve straight-forward hardcore-punk; CORROSIVE from Germany with their Slap-A-Ham power-violence sound, NAKOT from Serbia - with hard hittinmg crust-hardcore and MURDER DISCO X from Stuttgart with fast paced hardcore-punk. The record comes in a very nice gatefold cover sleeve with all necessary infos.

Verbal Razors - st LP (Dingleberry + div.) 10 € »
This nice LP is a true testament to uncompromising thrash-metal and crossover hardcore. If I didn't know it any better, I would think these songs were recorded back in the late 80s. Hailing from Tours, France Verbal Razors ride the divide between the directness of hardcore and the precision of metal. These thirteen tracks recall the classic sound of old bands like Cryptic Slaughter, Crumbsuckers, Nuclear Assault, Ludichrist and Wehrmacht. Things are based on tons of ripping speed metal riffs, frantic guitar-solos, straight pounding drum beats, really potent vocals and catchy sing-alongs. The lyrics are funny full of parodies on the scene. This is an overall great record that will enthuse fans of hardcore and metal alike.

Water Torture - Collection LP (Dead Heroes) 11 € »

Dead Heroes:
Buffalo, NY's Water Torture is a ferocious 2-man, noise-drenched assault of grinding violence. These dudes orchestrate an unholy amount of noise and play at unbelievable speeds. This is some demolishing powerviolence with brutally loud riffs and thunderous drum abuse. Water Torture is loaded with experimentation and sketchy power electronics throughout their tracks that add to an entirely full sounding and surely destructive outcome.

WHITEHORSE - fire to the light the way/everything ablaze LP (Vendetta) 11 € »

found somewhere:
This reissue was originally released on Conspiracy Records in 2007, but back then it wasn't released as it was supposed to be ( back then it was released as a one sided 12" with one track missing, that's 22 minutes of music... ) and the other ones were cut off... ), so here you get the LP as it was meant to be be !!!

Whitehorse / Cross - Split LP (Blinddate) 11 € »

Colored limited vinyl available.

WHITEHORSE from Melbourne / Australia with one song in vein of CORRUPTED. Whitehorse captured a sound that is light years beyond and behind anything else out there.....If you have any interest in the heaviest end of the doom metal / sludge spectrum, find this, own this, worship this. CROSS from Seattle / US are members of BOOK OF BLACK EARTH and WORMWOOD with their first record materialized on vinyl. CROSS is heavily pissed full energy loaded Black Metal with a descent Sludgecore influence. Great Stuff.


two of the heaviest bands around team up for one split record, australia's whitehorse once more deliver ultrabrutal sludge/doom with one of the sickest vocalists around, think a sludgier corrupted ; negative standards from the states are all over the place once more, mixing aggressive hardcore / power violence with mean sludge and even some black metal, and some samples added, sick

mastered by james plotkin ; artwork by kevin gan yuen ( sutekh hexen )

Yacoepsae - Tanz , Grosny, Tanz LP (Vulgar / Useless) 11 € »

RESTOCK. no words to waste. turbo speed violence with hooks and german vocals.


Bizarre X / Trigger - Split 10" (Wifagena) 11 € »

2 times true drum’n’bass powerviolence from Germany. 6 tracks by BizarreX, the veterans of oldschool powerviolence vs. 9 tracks from the Trigger youthcrew. For fans of SPAZZ, INSECT WARFARE, MITB... gatefold cover with killer artwork by Josh Hartnett, lim. to 500 copies!!!

Hellkontroll - Wanker War 10" (Vinyl Rites) 9 € »

Vinyl Rites:
The second pressing of Vinyl Rites house favorite, Wanker War. Intense, violent and uncompromising noise punk with super fast drumming and a thick recording. Decipherable songs under walls of noise, not unlike greats FRIGORA and GLOOM, but with a bleaker and more apocalyptic outlook.

War Wolf - Riding with demons 10" (Headless Guru) 9 € »

Headless Guru:
War Wolf are a new angry Punk/Doom attack and we are so pleased to be releasing their debut record, Riding With Demons. Comes on red 10" vinyl and can be downloaded from our bandcamp. Play at 45rpm. 250 copies.

FFO: Dystopia, Infest, Nihilist, SSOS.

Wreck of the Hesperus / De Novissimis - Split 10" (Stitchy Press) 9 € »


Stitchy Press:
Finally after many twists and turns this record is ready to be unleashed, featuring two of Dublin's heaviest bands: Wreck of the Hesperus, filthy-sewer-sludge-stripped-down-raw-doom and De Novissimis, a powerfull wall of dual vocal crust doom with added blast beats. The recordings on this album are exclusive one-off tracks and have already become rare.
This might be one of the heavist Irish records ever released!


Black Code/ Lust For Death - Split 7" (Wolfbiker and others) 4 € »
both bands here play a metalpunkcrust style not unlike a crusty Enabler or similar. Heavy as all hell, fast and pissed. cant put my finger on it, but its kinda all of what AtTheGates did right for hardcore vs all that went wrong.

Carnage - Live Stockholm 1989 7" (American Line Productions) 6 € »

Red version. And of course mint, not like on the pic on the left.

Repressed by American Line Productions in April 2013, limited to 320 copies (200 red / 120 black) in a heavy cardboard sleeve.

F.I.O.M. - The Way Ahead Is Very Narrow 7" (Forest) 4 € »

Japanese Hardcore Punk. I unerathed some copies of this 7" from the late nineties.

Flux Cored Wire - Actions Speak Louder Than Words EP (MCR) 4 € »

Grinding Halt / Diet Pills - Split 7" (Graanrepubliek) 4 € »

Finaly some Grinding Halt vinyl again. Here showing some of the slower side of their set. Two songs of which one is somewhat of a noisy hc song while the 2nd has 90's mosh written all over it. On the flip side there's Diet Pills insanity. Hints of Dystopia and Jesus Lizard thrown in a blender. It's so heavy it makes you wonder how it would fit on the vinyl. Great dutch/uk team up!

Insomnia Isterica / Embalming Theatre - Split 7" (Tuett Folklor) 4 € »

Here it is another massive grind attack from the masters of gore-grind Embalming Theatre!!! 3 new and exclusive tracks that, as usual, combine extreme brutality with the worst hilarious sense of humor to date. Just listen to the last song "Jamaicabre rum" to get an idea..a disgusting true story (as always!) cooked into goregiastic riffing with latin-jazz it enough for your sick taste??? On the flip side the return of thier acclaimed country mates Insomnia Isterica! 5 new songs all in italian language who really will catch your attention. Think about a deviated and rotten version of Cripple Bastards. This slab of wax comes in a limited edtion of 450 copies all hand-numbered.

Leechfeast / Marnost - Split 7" (Dingleberry + div.) 4 € »

Press note:
Leechfeast from Slovenia is a diy gloomy sludge/doom band featuring members of Paperplanecrash, Landverraad or Melete. On this record they have one superheavy 7min song that sounds like Black Sabbath on heroin. Marnost are a czech diy blackmetal/experimental project with members of Gattaca, Remek, Lakmé or Dakhma and here they have an unorthodox and very experimental 7min song.

Mr. Peter Hayden - We Fly High 7" (Rämekuukkeli + div.) 5 € »
The psychedelic rock band from Finland entitled Mr. Peter Hayden have a new 7” record out to proceed the release of their next full length record due out in April. The 7” has the long track split over two sides. If you heard the bands last record, then you will get an idea of the direction the band was heading. The side A starts off slow, heavy and spacey with a quite far out sound production to start (especially if you play it at the wrong speed!). When the track really begins it is heavy, repetitive, and slowly evolving with a distant vocal. The lead guitar lines make it pretty psychedelic before you have to turn the record over. A quick fade up before the monster space laden doom riff kicks in. This track is basically instrumental but towards the end you can hear a voice that sounds like it has a vocoder effect on it but it is mixed into the background. The next record is going to be a trip for sure!

N.O.Y.F.B - Skirts raised & asses hazed EP (Agromosh) 3 € »

Grind-/Noisecore from California, 1992.

Nunslaughter / All these while - Split 7" (Basement) 6 € »

Nunslaughter vs. Malaysian Noise Punk

Light bagenta vinyl version for the nerds out there.

The Nefarious Integration - Articles Of Execution EP (Inverted Inhumation) 5 € »

Inverted Inhumation:
4 raw trax of corrosive thrashing death, breathing stench from the sewers of Rotterdam. Artwork by Nabbe The Bastard (Skullhog, Blind To Faith etc).

4 track debut 7” from this Dutch HC / Crust three piece band. Their sound is described as thrash / metal / crust / punk etc. Without those pigeon holes, I’d just put this down as hardcore / crust record myself. There are elements of thrash to the riffs on here and the vocals are really crusty in that gravel soaked style, the drums are pounded to bits on all songs, fast paced punk vibes going on from start to finish. This is not your average plodding / epic crust record, I really like this. I’m sure people would flock to this if it was a bigger name making these songs. I tried to think of bands as comparisons but came up short, it sounds like a bunch of Swedish Crust HC bands to me but there’s sharpness about these songs that really gives them a punk edge. Good stuff.

Limited pressing of 200 copies on black vinyl